The sign said there was road work ahead so he decided to speed up.

  1. She wondered if the note had reached him. She scolded herself for not handing it to him in person. She trusted her friend, but so much could happen. She waited impatiently for word.
  2. Sleeping in his car was never the plan but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. This had been his life for the last three months and he was just beginning to get used to it. He didn’t actually enjoy it, but he had accepted it and come to terms with it. Or at least he thought he had. All that changed when he put the key into the ignition, turned it and the engine didn’t make a sound.
  3. The rain and wind abruptly stopped, but the sky still had the gray swirls of storms in the distance. Dave knew this feeling all too well. The calm before the storm. He only had a limited amount of time before all Hell broke loose, but he stopped to admire the calmness. Maybe it would be different this time, he thought, with the knowledge deep within that it wouldn’t.
  4. The boy walked down the street in a carefree way, playing without notice of what was about him. He didn’t hear the sound of the car as his ball careened into the road. He took a step toward it, and in doing so sealed his fate.
  5. He heard the loud impact before he ever saw the result. It had been so loud that it had actually made him jump back in his seat. As soon as he recovered from the surprise, he saw the crack in the windshield. It seemed to be an analogy of the current condition of his life.